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Hi, I'm Danielle

I'm a multi-passionate person who refuses to settle for an ordinary life.
I'm the loving caretaker of my dog Opie, my two horses Sota & Paco, and my rooster Ron (and they're 99% of my IG posts...)
I'm married to my best friend and we're building our dream hobby farm, which we lovingly/jokingly call "Crowell Ranch."
I'm loud and I crack a lot of jokes, but I'm also compassionate, complex, and kind to everyone that I meet.
I'm happiest when I'm outside, and you'll usually find me with muddy boots, dirty hands, and a big smile across my face.

I believe...

that life is meant to be lived

My time & freedom are just as important of a currency as money.

That's why I believe that having a website is not just about checking a box of things to do when running a business... It's an opportunity to get your time and freedom back.

I believe in taking advantage of what technology can do for us. After all, life is too short and precious to waste.

My Story

Back in 2014, I had only one question I needed to ask myself, and that was"What if I died?"

That was the question I asked myself as I lay on the pavement waiting for the ambulance to arrive. I had just gotten hit by an SUV while crossing the street; my head was bleeding and my pelvis was broken in two places.

“What if I died?” That was the question that was running through my head.

“Would I have been satisfied with the life I was living?” The answer was no.

Since that day, I’ve dedicated myself to living an intentional life. I quit my corporate job in digital marketing, opened a yoga studio, got horses again (because life is too short to not fill it with the things you love), started offering web design and creative services to help other small business owners live a more intentional life as well, and moved out to the country where we eventually brought my horses home and began building our hobby farm.

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