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Danielle Crowell public speaking on stage

Public Speaking

When I was young (maybe 8 or 9?), I joined 4H and we had a public speaking night. I went on stage and spoke to the audience about panda bears (a topic I recently used for a school project). The feedback from my 4H leader was that I spoke on stage at a level far beyond my years and that I have a powerful speaking voice (those who know me, know that an "indoor voice" can be challenging for me...).

I have spoken to crowds between 5 - 500+ through a variety of topics ranging from building a business to loving yourself, and I would love to continue to share my story and my learned experiences in the hopes of inspiring others.

(And no, panda bears are no longer a topic option.)

Topics I speak on:

  • Body image and self-love

  • Mental health / mental wellness

  • Building a brand / online presence

  • Website design + functional features for your business to grow

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Intentional living & how to stop the unhealthy hustle

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