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"The universe wouldn't give you those dreams if it didn't believe you were strong enough for them. They are there for a reason; open to them."


I've been a business owner since 2015 (both brick-and-mortar service & product-based, and online service & product-based), but I've been an entrepreneur since before I can remember. Everyone likes to give advice, but only so many of them have actually been in the trenches doing the work. The 'Advice' section of my blog features tried-and-tested advice on what's worked (and what hasn't) in my businesses so that maybe it can help you in yours.

Ups &

Seeing other entrepreneurs on social media can feel discouraging and make you feel like you're not doing it right. The 'Ups & Downs' section of my blog features honest conversations around entrepreneurship, including the highs and lows.

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